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Missouri Statement:

The mission of the Clark County Alternative Program is to provide a meaningful and measurable learning experience for students who have yet to find successful educational avenues in the traditional school setting. CAP is specifically designed for students who have experienced attendance, behavior, medical, and/ or achievement problems. CAP is dedicated to providing a student-centered, safe, and academically comprehensive program that is sensitive to the varied learning styles of all students.


The CAP program offers each student and individualized academic plan (IAP) that includes academics, counseling, online learning, service learning projects, and work readiness training. The ultimate goal for CAP will be to prepare our students to become productive, confident, active, and contributing members of our community.


Program Objectives:

1.        Improve graduation rate for students of Clark County R-1

2.        Improve attendance rates.

3.        Improve academic performance.

4.        Improve work and life skills.

5.        Provide opportunities for more students.


Advisory Board:

Jason Harper                   High School Principal

Megan Wendling              High School Counselor

Susan Rossmiller            Director of Special Education

PJ Parker                        Division of Family Services

Bill Conger                       Local Law Enforcement



Jason Harper                             High School Principal

Megan Wendling                     High School Counselor

Scott Murdoch                          Program Director

Susan Turpin                              Math


Contact Information

CAP Classroom

Program Director, Scott Murdoch                     (702) 326-6051

High School Office                                           (660) 727-2205


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